Arkansas State Board of Licensure

for Professional Engineers and Professional Surveyors

Certificate of Authorization (COA) – Licensure Overview


NOTE: Offering to perform, contracting for, or initiating engineering and/or surveying services prior to the applicant or his firm becoming licensed may be a violation of the Board’s Laws and Rules.  If a violation occurs it could subject the firm to disciplinary action (Article 14 of the AR State Laws & Rules of the Board eff. September 1, 2020).

Which COA do you seek?

  • New License – The firm does not have an existing COA license on file with the Arkansas Board.
  • Reinstatement – The Firm has been non-Renewed for more than two years.
  • Amendment – An amendment is required for changes to the Firm Name or the PE and/or PS designated as being in responsible charge of engineering and/or surveying. The Amendment shall be filed with the Board within thirty (30) days after the effective date of said change.

    How to Apply – via Online or Paper:

    Fees – Are non-refundable unless waived by Board action and must be received before the application will be reviewed.  

    • Amendment – no fee
    • New License Application – $150.00
    • Reinstatement – $300.00 ($100 reinstate, $200 Dues/late penalties)

    Payment – Type is based upon how you applied:

    • Online: credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express) or e-check.
    • Paper: check (personal, company or bank) or money order payable to PELS Board.

    Application Status – Your status will be “Incomplete” until the submitted information has been verified.  Upon successful verification, the application will be reviewed and you’ll receive an email regarding the decision to:

    • Approve – for license;
    • Reject –