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Professional Engineer (PE) Licensure Overview


NOTE: Offering to perform, contracting for or initiating engineering services prior to the applicant or his firm becoming licensed may be a violation of the Board's Laws and Rules.  If a violation occurs it could subject the applicant to disciplinary action.  See Board Laws and Rules Handbook.pdf

Which license do you seek?

  • Comity License - An Arkansas license based upon a current license in another state.  Applicants for Comity may be reviewed by the Board Members at an upcoming meeting.
  • Original License - This will be your first license, you will take the Principles and Practice of Engineering (P&PE) Exam and your application will be reviewed by the Board Members during a Board meeting.

     Meetings are held in January, March May, July, September and November.

How to apply - The instructions below pertain to those who wish to obtain a P.E. License.  COMITY applicants, if you have an NCEES council record, the instructions outline which forms we will accept from your record:


Fees - All fees shall be non-refundable unless waived by Board action and must be received before the application will be reviewed:

  • Comity License -     $200.00
  • Original License -    $ 75.00 and after approval;    
    • PE exam fee(s). 

Payment - how you pay is based upon how you applied:

  • Online: credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express) or e-check.
  • Paper: check (personal, company or bank) or money order payable to PELS Board.

Application Status - Your application will be marked as "Incomplete" until the submitted information has been verified.  Upon successful verification, the application will be reviewed and you'll receive an email regarding the decision to: 

  • Interview at a future Board meeting
  • Approve -              
    • Comity: For license
    • Original: For license subject to passing the P&PE Exam
  • Reject -  

Examinations -  Most exams are given in APRIL and OCTOBER.  Any application completed AFTER the following deadlines will be retained until the next testing date.

  • APRIL - The application must be completed by JANUARY 1st.
  • OCTOBER - The application must be complete by JULY 1st.

Exam Results - Will be e-mailed from NCEES.

Online Application Instructions

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