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Verification of Exam/License Information and Renewal Forms

PELS - Applications and Forms


Verifications need to be requested by logging into your MyNCEES account or creating a MyNCEES account at the following link http://account.ncees.org .  Once there, click on license or exam verification from the common tasks shown on the dashboard screen. This relates to:           
  • Applicants applying to the Arkansas Board needing verification of their exams and/or licenses from another Licensing Board/Jurisdiction. 
  • Applicants licensed by the Arkansas Board who wish to apply for licensure in one or more additional Licensing Boards/Jurisdictions.
The verification system is user friendly and facilitates transmission of your verification between Licensing Boards/Jurisdictions. 


All licenses are renewed every two (2) years.  To view your license expiration date, use the Licensee Search feature of our Website.

An Even Numbered License ends with a 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8 and renew in even numbered years. An Odd Numbered License ends in 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9 and are renewed in odd numbered years.

Licenses may renew online through Professional Engineer Licensing System (PELS) according to the following schedule:

SI and PS: May 1 - December 31
Dual Licensee: August 1 - March 31
COA, EI and PE: November 1 - June 30

To renew online you need:   

  • A unique Username and Password for PELS which you create.  Separate Usernames/passwords may be required if you wish to renew both an individual and firm license (COA).    
  • Debit/Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) or eCheck.
  • Professional Licensee (PE and or PS) -  the number of continuing education (PDH) hours earned during the last 2-years or be prepared to request an exemption according to Article 20 of the Board's Rules.


  1. Access - PELS at https://pelslicensing.arkansas.gov/ 
  2. Login - with your Username and Password
  3. Select one of the following:          
    • "License & Application Information - Individual"
    • "Certificate of Authorization - Firm"
  4. Click –“Renew” to the left of the license you are renewing and follow the instructions until you come to the Confirmation/Transaction page.  
  5. Your Renewal is complete upon receipt of your Transaction Number and License Sheet with your new expiration date.    
  6. Print or save the confirmation page which is emailed to you as this is your receipt. 

No printed renewal forms will be mailed unless we receive a written request. 

Renewal Forms:

Please Note, there are different renewal forms for odd or even numbered licenses. Download the form according to your odd or even numbered license. Incorrect Forms Received by the Board's Office Will Result in a processing delay.

Engineer Intern; 
      Engineer Intern – Even Numbered License | EI Renewal 2017-2018 
      Engineer Intern –  Odd Numbered License | EI Renewal 2018-2019

Professional Engineer; 
   Professional Engineer – Even Numbered License | PE Renewal 2017-2018
   Professional Engineer – Odd Numbered License | PE Renewal 2018-2019 
   Continuing Education Log of Activities | Log of Activities - PE 

Dual Licensee;
    Dual Licensee – Even Numbered License | 2017-2018 Dual Renewal
    Dual Licensee – Odd Numbered License | 2018-2019 Dual Renewal
    Dual Licensee – Continuing Education Log of Activities | Log of Activities - Dual

Certificate of Authorization;
    Certificate of Authorization – Even Numbered License | COA Renewal 2017-2018
    Certificate of Authorization – Odd Numbered License | COA Renewal 2018-2019

Surveyor Intern;
   Surveyor Intern – Even Numbered License | SI Renewal 2017-2018
   Surveyor Intern – Odd Numbered License | SI Renewal 2018-2019

Professional Surveyor ;
   Professional Surveyor – Even Numbered License | PS Renewal 2017-2018
   Professional Surveyor – Odd Numbered License | PS Renewal 2018-2019
   Continuing Education Log of Activities | Continuing Education Log - PS 

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