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Qualifications - Engineer Intern (EI) & Professional Engineer (PE)

The Board issues and maintains licenses for Engineer Interns (EI) and Professional Engineers (PE).  For applications which require Board review, (all PE original and some PE Comity and EI applications) licensure is decided during the next Board meeting.  Meetings are held in January, March, May, July, September and November.  

What follows is general information on how to obtain each type of engineering license.  The Board has precise education/experience requirements which are outlined in Article 8.  Please review these carefully.  Additional information may be found in the Board’s Rules by clicking “Rules/Regs/Standards” on the navigation bar above.

Engineer Intern (EI)

Qualifications as outlined in Article 8.B of the Rules - An applicant for an EI license must supply proof of: 

  • graduating from an Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET (EAC of ABET) approved, or equivalent, engineering curriculum; AND 
  • passing the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam. 

Additionally you must have passed the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam BEFORE applying to the Board. Board authorization is not required to take the FE exam. Please visit the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) website at www.NCEES.org for additional information.   

Once the Board verifies this information, an Engineer Intern License may be issued.

       Apply for a License ONLINE

Professional Engineer (PE)

There are two ways to qualify, either through Original or Comity Licensure.

Original licensure –Means “the first PE license” and you take the Principles & Practice of Engineering Exam. All PE Original applications are reviewed by the Board Members and acceptance to the exam is decided during the next Board meeting. Meetings are held in January, March, May, July, September, and November. 

Qualifications as outlined in Article 8.C.1 of the Rules:

  1. Graduation from an engineering program that is, or is equivalent to, one accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, Inc. (EAC of ABET),
  2. Has passed the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam
  3. Completed 4 years of satisfactory experience after completing the requirements for graduation from 1. above.
  4. Pass the Principles of Engineering (PE) exam

In order to insure all approved applicants have the opportunity to register with NCEES, the cutoff dates are January 1 for the April exams, and July 1 for the October exam. Applicants should take note that all documentation must be received by the cutoff date. Applications completed after this date will be held for the next exam administration.

Approved applicants will be directed to www.NCEES.org where they will register, log-in, sign up, and pay for the PE exam. Exam grading takes about 6 - 8 weeks and NCEES will email the results to you. Examinees that pass are given a license number. If you're unsuccessful, contact our office for re-admittance.   Applicants who fail three (3) times or do not pass within 5 years after the date the application is approved must submit a new application.

Comity licensure –  The applicant is already licensed in another jurisdiction and seeks licensure based on that license.

Qualifications as outlined in Article 8.C.2 of the Rules:

  1. Supply proof that you are a PE in good standing in another state or jurisdiction.
  2. Meet the requirements for original PE licensure in Arkansas’ which were in effect at the time you received your initial PE license. A summary of Comity Professional Engineer’s Rules – 1953 to present is located on the "Rules/Regs/Standards” page.

There are allowances regarding when you took the PE exam and when you earned your experience and also about waiving the FE exam. 

Those with an NCEES Council Record may use information in the record in lieu of submitting it on the Board’s forms. The application instructions provide further information.

Comity applications are processed in one of two ways; either they are “Conditionally Licensed” or mailed to the Board Members. Which is used depends on the qualifications:

1. Conditionally Licensed– those applications that meet the Board’s current rules for original licensure may be approved by the Executive Director using an expedited process. Those that are “conditionally licensed” are subject to ratification at the next Board meeting. This type of approval is reserved for those with qualifications which meet NCEES “Model Law Engineer” (MLE see www.NCEES.org for more information) requirements.

2. Comity applicants who do not meet NCEES MLE requirements (NON-MLE) are placed on the agenda of the next Board meeting and mailed 3 weeks prior. 

Temporary Permits - Although the Board’s Rules provide for a Temporary Permit, its benefit is often limited. Why? Because it can only be issued to certain applicants and those applicants are also the ones that can take advantage of the Conditionally Licensed, expedited process.

  1. What is it? It’s a short-term, 60 day, one time courtesy extended to authorize practice during the time required to complete and process the application for licensure.
  2. Qualifications - Applicant must meet the NCEES MLE requirements.
  3. Should I get one? Because the applications may be conditionally approved by the Executive Director, a Temporary Permit is a good option only when gathering the necessary references which may take some time.
  4. If I need one how do I apply?  By indicating on the Checkout screen that you wish to have a Temporary Permit and paying the additional $150 temporary permit fee.

Applicants considering a Temporary Permit are encouraged to call the Board office at 501-682-2824 to see if it might be beneficial in their particular case. 

Apply for a License ONLINE   downloadable instructions for Online Application.                 

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